26 June 2013

Private Room "Some Travel Spots are Bloodier than Others" - PRESS RELEASE

Turkish born director Hakan Yildiz (Bloody Night) continues his film career with another thriller, “Private Room.” This short film, of thirty minutes, will begin lensing in Istanbul, Turkey throughout the Summer of 2013 (August). Yildiz will again step behind the camera, with Austrian actress Denise Teipel set to co-star.

“Private Room” is a film about strangers. Kristian (Yildiz) and his sister, Leise (Teipel), travel to Istanbul, to tour the city. They have rented an apartment in the heart of the city. They are there to see the many wonderous sites the city has to offer. But, their apartment is shared with other travellers. And soon, strange events begin to occur. Other tourists begin to disappear and one of the other residents starts to act violently. Now, Kristian and Leise will have to escape Istanbul to save their lives!

“Private Room” is already in pre-production and the film is being developed by Sweet Dreams Production. This title will prospectively play at the British Horror Film Festival, the Chicago Horror Film Festival, the NY City Horror Film Festival, Screamfest and Shriekfest, throughout 2013. Sweet Dreams Productions will also partially self-distribute “Private Room” later this year. Horror fans can expect to see this exciting horror title at Createspace and on IndieFlix, with a trailer coming soon.

Release Date: Q4, 2013.

The official synopsis:
“A young traveler visits Istanbul and he rents a shared apartment with several other tourists. He has no idea of what is waiting for him there!”

Director/writer: Hakan Yildiz.

Producers: Burcak Ozder, Deniz Sahin and Hakan Yildiz.

Cast: Hakan Yildiz, Cela Yildiz, Gulistan Sarbas and Yasemen Koc.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PrivateRoomMovie

Official Website: http://privateroomthemovie.webs.com/

*other shooting locations include: Blue Mosque and Topkapi Palace Istanbul.

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