06 June 2013

A Haunting in Thornby - PRESS RELEASE

A Haunting in Thornby

A Haunting in Thornby is a co-production from Raging Bull Entertainment and Khoury A. Marriot Productions. This haunted house styled thriller completed production in May and the film has secured a fourth quarter release through UnCork’D Entertainment. In the vein of Stanley Kubrick’s classic The Shining and Tomas Alfredson’s dark coming of age thriller Let the Right One, A Haunting in Thornby will unsettle audiences in a similar fashion, this November.

Now, several photos from the film shoot have been released, from the Taft Ranch in Atascadero, California. The stills show some of the gorgeous sets and eclectic cast, which were part of production. Actor Judd Nelson, who stars as Mr. Franklin, is shown in two of the photos. Mr. Franklin is the owner of a prestigious architectural firm, in the film. Also, actress and producer Autumn Federici is shown comforting young actress Vivienne Bollinger, in between takes. Autumn plays Anne, a waitress who knows something about a mysterious old town. A dark secret lurks in this secluded home and in the town of Thornby. Part of that secret can be previewed in one of several stills found here, released by director Matt Hish.

The cast and crew recently celebrated the film’s final wrap. Autumn Federici said of the cast "Justin Jones and I hit a home run with this cast, director and crew! Everyone brought their ‘A Game’ and it will show with the final product." And, actor Neil Dickson, who plays Erik, had praise for director Hish: “working with Matt Hish is an absolute joy; he is an actor's director, a rarity in film! He is disgustingly talented and I want to work with him again.” More details on the film’s release are below, along with several photos from the shoot.

The film’s official synopsis:

“A traumatic event forces Tom (Rib Hillis) and Brenda (Jessica Morris) to move, with their young son, from Los Angeles back to Brenda’s small Northern California hometown. In their new homestead, odd occurrences and bizarre, unsettling events begin to unfold. A century’s old secret, that threatens to destroy the family, begins to reveal itself, in a horrifying fashion.”

Release Date: November 2013.

Director: Matt Hish.

Writters: Ian Ascher and Chris Freeman.

Cast: Rib Hillis, Jessica Morris, Neil Dickson, Hannah Cowley, and Judd Nelson.

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