30 June 2013

American Mary (2012) - REVIEW

I first heard of American Mary only a few months ago through Facebook and Twitter.  I had no clue who the  Soska Sisters were and I started seeing the reviews of this movie coming in.  Most of the reviews I read were pretty favorable but I stayed away from the synopsis of it because this movie really intrigued me and I really wanted to go into watching it for myself with an open mind and just not really knowing what to expect.

Mary Mason (Katharine Isabelle) is a med student studying to be a surgeon, hit by financial trouble and a teacher that rides her in class (not literally).  Needing a job to make some quick cash Mary answers an add on a classified's internet site.  She goes for an interview at a strip club with the owner Billy Barker (Antonio Cuppo).  He has her do the normal stripper stuff, strutting, gets a look at her body and even has her give a massage.  He is pulled away by his bodyguard to handle a problem.  Billy saw on her resume that she was a med student and offers her 5,000 to do a favor for him.  She accepts and takes her to a room with a badly beaten man that she must suture up and take care of.  The next day she receives a few strange phone calls from a lady asking for a Dr Mason.  She repeatedly hangs up on the caller.  Later in the evening she has someone at her apt door claiming to have a package for her, she sends them up but while Mary is getting ready to go get the package a lady runs into her apartment.  She is a stripper from the club named Beatress (Tristan Risk).  Beatress offers Mary 10,000 to perform a procedure on her friend to alter her appearance.  She reluctantly agrees but she was in no position to turn down the money.  This operation is going to open a whole new door for Mary but once that door is opened there is no going back!

People always say save the best for last but in this case I am going to tell everyone upfront what the best thing about this movie is: The story.  If you are looking for something original that is as intriguing as it is gory then you have found the right movie.  The Soska Sisters really out did themselves with American Mary.  I read an interview with Katherine Isabelle and she said that the script was extremely long because they write every single scene out in great detail.  You can really tell as you watch the movie.  It is very deliberate, detailed, and a bloody mess.  The acting for the most part was really stellar especially for the lead of Mary played by Katherine Isabelle.  She was fantastic in this role and honestly to me this is by far her best performance.

I had a blast watching this, especially at 1 in the morning.  It got into my head a bit and I would be lying if I said I did not have a few fucked up dreams because of this movie.  Usually when I review a movie even if I like it there are still a few area's that I hit on that are flawed.  This one however I have nothing to point out that was flawed or I didn't like.  I would definitely rate this one 9 stars and point out that this is a must see for any hardcore straight up horror fan.  Stay twisted everyone!

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