17 June 2013

A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master 1988 - REVIEW

Some might find this weird but I can remember the actual date that I saw this movie: September 17th, 1988.  Well I guess it is not so weird considering it was my 8th birthday and there were only a selected number of people I wanted to spend it with.  A couple of friends, my parents and Freddy Krueger.  Actually I would have had more friends come but their parents did not approve of my movie selection.  What did they know?  I guess I could have gone to see License to Drive which was in the theater at the same time but nah, an evening with Freddy is all I wanted.

Kristen Parker (Tuesday Knight) is obviously in a dream and walks up on a little girl in front of the familiar house were Freddy used to dwell till Kristen and her friends defeated him.  She asks the girl if Freddy is home but she informs her Freddy is not home.  Kristen goes in anyway and finds herself in the boiler room scared for her life.  She pulls in her friends Kincaid (Ken Sagoes) and Joey (Rodney Eastman).  They are a little agitated with her because they know Freddy does not exist anymore and want to move on with their lives.  The next day we see them all at school, even though Freddy is dead and gone Kristen still is having problem sleeping.  She finds comfort with her best friend Alice (Lisa Wilcox) and her boyfriend Rick (Andras Jones).  Things are starting to happen again and they all come to a head in one of Kincaids dreams. He is in a car junkyard with no one around but his dog.  His dog suddenly snaps at him and lifts his leg to pee but a stream of fire comes out cracking the ground.  As the ground opens up we see Freddy (Robert England) rising again.  The nightmare is back and worse than ever.

New Line turned to little known Finish director Renny Harlin.  I have to say I think Renny did fantastic following the awesome Part 3.  This film had to be great to even live up to everyone's expectations and Renny delivered that with flying colors.  Another change that was welcomed in my opinion was the role of Kristen being played by Tuesday Knight instead of Patricia Arquette.  As I mentioned in my review of Part 3 Patricia was unable to reprise her role due to pregnancy and even though I thought Patricia did a stand out job, Tuesday in my opinion filled the role a little better.  Some familiar faces were welcomed though, such as Ken Sagoes, Rodney Eastman and of course Robert England reprising his role of Freddy.  As for the rest of the cast well there is really nothing bad I can say about them.  This batch of young actors and new faces made a nice compliment to the returning cast.

Part 3 and 4 are both in close running as my favorite in the series and while Part 4 is my second favorite it is not by much.  On top of seeing this on my 8th birthday I ended up seeing this 3 times in the theaters.  I guess you could say I liked it a little.  The only thing I was disappointed in was that Nancy (Heather Lagenkamp) was really dead and they did not find a way to bring her back.  I know what your thinking but I was 8 and did not think logically yet.  The Dream Master will always be something I watch on a yearly basis and I do hope to be able to meet most the cast at a convention someday.  Stay twisted everyone!

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