15 June 2013

Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors 1987 - REVIEW

Nightmare on Elm Street 3 is a movie that has a special place in my heart.  The reason being is this was the first horror movie that I ever saw and needless to say I was hooked.  Not only just hooked on Freddy but I wanted to see everything after viewing this (3 times the first night I watched it).  I will always remember this movie and watch it at least once a year if not more ever since 1987.  Needless to say that this is in my 700+ dvd collection, probably a few copies of it.

Kristen Parker (Patricia Arquette) is in her room making a Popsicle stick house while trying to stay awake afraid to go to sleep.  Also worth mentioning she is  rocking out to Dokken.  Her mother (Brooke Bundy) comes home from a night out and makes her go to bed.  Kristen has a nightmare invaded by Freddy (Robert England), up to his old tricks again.  Freddy slices her wrists making it look like suicide.  Kristen's mother takes her to the psychiatric ward to have her evaluated.  This is were she meets the new intern Nancy Thompson (Heather Lagenkamp).  There is now a new batch of kids that are all having the same dream about our villain in the red and green sweater with a dirty brown hat and razors for fingers.  Nancy is their only hope for defeating Freddy once and for all.  Each onc of them learn they have a certain dream power that can help them.  Kristen is the key being able to pull others into her dreams.  Will it be enough to defeat Freddy once and for all

If you have seen this film then you know why it is the best in the series.  Thats not to say that there are not some stellar Nightmare sequels because there are but this one sits on top.  Freddy is more of a force to be reconed with and wittier than ever adding a little bit of dark comedy to the series.  Robert England really made this character his own and this is why he is one of the most popular horror actors around.  The original put him on the map, part 3 made him a superstar.  Not only was Robert awesome but the first look at Patricia Arquette was also a sight to see.  A phenominal performance that she was sadly unable to followup in Part 4 due to her being pregnant during the time they were filming.

Pictured above is probably my favorite scene/line in the whole movie.  "Welcome to prime time, Bitch!"  I can remember my Dad and I watching this and rewinding that scene and just laughing our asses off.  That is quality writing there (that was meant in a non sarcastic tone).  I just saw today the blu ray set of all the Nightmare films.  I was biting at the bit but I resisted all urges to buy it for a mear 50.00.  I think the DVD collection is enough for me.  Now only if I can resist buying the Blu Ray collection of Friday the 13th but that is a different story all together.  Stay twisted everyone!

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