07 February 2012

Popularity Killer 2011 (Short Film) - REVIEW

I remember when I was in high school I always wanted to be popular. That’s not the case here. If you are in the wrong clique at Payton High you are going to end up dead. Things sure have changed over the years; on the other hand it makes for one hell of a slasher film.

Our film starts off in a wooded area where Kaitlyn (Dana Terpinas) and her boyfriend Nick (Mike Goltz) are making out. Nick reaches between her legs to make his move and he is blocked. This starts an argument. Nick is sick of waiting for her to put out for him and she is nowhere near ready to give up her virginity. Nick kicks Kaitlyn out of the car and drives off forcing her to walk home. While walking a figure is seen stalking her in the night, dressed in a long black hooded robe and wearing a mask that resembles a creepy looking Betty Boop. Kaitlyn is knocked to the ground head first and is stabbed in the back of the head with an exit through her mouth. The next day back at school, the day after the murder, Nick is now the prime suspect in the killing of Kaitlyn. The students are given a half day of school off plus the next day because of the grisly murder that has happened to one of their own. Melissa (Courtney Ellen Bay) and her best friend Courtney (Hannah Herdt) plot to have a girls night, just the two of them, and watch movies. Courtney wants to invite Corey (Matty Deorschner) so that Melissa will have a chance to get laid, but Melissa still just wants the night to be just the two of them. Courtney ends up inviting Corey anyway along with Paige (Jennifer Frey) for a quiet night of movies and beer. Melissa shows up unhappy about her not being the only other one there and almost right behind her is Nick with a girl from Bridgeport named Allison (Jamie Jo Roen). This party is about to get really interesting really quick.

Popularity Killer is from the same studio that brought you Teddy which was recently reviewed as well. Slasher Studios is making their second short film now with a bigger budget and quite frankly has better acting. It is meant to be a dark comedy slasher film, but in my opinion all that’s what a slasher movie is anyway. The death scenes in this movie are really what impressed me. They all looked very realistic and the actors sold their deaths better than most full feature big budget movie actors do. The only thing that is really missing is good looking women. The women in the film are pretty plain looking, nothing special. The first person to get killed is Kaitlyn and she was supposed to be the most popular girl in school and is really not that attractive. To sum it up: good acting, great effects, but needs more hotties.

I would say I really enjoyed Popularity Killer. I am pretty big on effects and how realistic a death looks in the movie and they were able to perfect that formula. The movie is chalk full of everything I love about slasher movies. There is a scene in a wooded area, a killer with a mask and a pretty creepy undertone. It’s also quite a bit of a challenge to try and figure out who the killer is. Really glad I’m not in high school. Teenagers will do anything to be popular, or in this case kill who is popular.

Reviewed by: J.R. Watkins

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