24 February 2012

Charming Incantations: Enticed Set To Release

Knightwatch Press has finally announced that they will be releasing the debut novel of South Africa’s superstar in the making, Monique Snyman. “Charming Incantations: Enticed”, the debut novel in a fantasy series for young adults has already raked up a nomination in 2010’s Watty Awards for Best Werewolf and young adults seem to have deemed it a worthy substitute after world renowned series’ like the Harry Potter Series and The Twilight Saga ended.


When Lisa Richards’ parents die in a horrible accident, she never thought her life would change as drastically as it did. Not only does she have to take over the family business as being the Human Representative in a supernatural council, bound to protect the world from the common threat, but she also has to deal with falling in love with a werewolf that has a vampire best friend and try to keep herself alive long enough to defeat the goblin army.

“Charming Incantations: Enticed” might be the first novel in the series, but it sports a lot of mythology as well as mythological creatures. Yes, the run-of-the-mill vampires and werewolves might have also made their presence known, but banshees, witches, shape shifters and even satyrs are present! “Charming Incantations: Enticed” may also be a fantasy novel for young adults, but even adults would enjoy the action, romance and mythological twists and turns that seems to take place.

Although it is the introductory novel to the series, it certainly has stirred on some talk in the review world:

“…this story is to set up the groundwork for what should be an epic story.”


“…it seems a good addition to the genre with a well-established world, wide ranging characters and an interesting True Blood meets Buffy kinda feel to it with its mix of romance, training to fight monsters, longing for an ordinary life when destiny is calling and big battles it isn’t quite either but reminded me of both.”


The novel is set to release 13 March 2012 at all major online book retailers.

For more information about “Charming Incantations: Enticed” as well as an inside look into the background story as to how it was created, check out the site, which will take you to a blog and forum, which is run by the author.

About the Author:

Monique Snyman has always been a dreamer and from a young age she enjoyed to record those dreams as well as incorporate them into her writing. Born and raised in sunny South Africa, she was surrounded by nature for most of her life and it was the view outside her first apartment, which overlooked the Union Buildings in Pretoria, which inspired the original concept for Charming Incantations: Enticed. After much deliberation as to what to do with her life during 2009, it was this view that kept haunting her dreams… Soon, Monique decided to do something with those visions and it wasn’t very long before Charming Incantations: Enticed was born.

With a first, finished novel in hand, Monique started to submit her manuscript to various literary agencies, unfortunately it’s not as easy to be a writer as she had once assumed. After not getting any feedback from publishers and literary agencies, she decided to upload a chapter on a website called Wattpad every week, just to test the market. Amazingly enough, after only seven chapters uploaded she was nominated for a Watty Award 2010 in the “Most Popular Werewolf” category! It was then that she decided that there had to be at least one publisher out there that would like her novel… She was right. When Monique initially came across Knightwatch Press, a relatively new independent publishing house, she wasn’t exactly keen on giving her baby to these strangers. However, after only a month, the feedback came back and the contract was offered! Not only did Monique get a lot of encouragement from everyone regarding the first sequence in the Charming Incantations Series, but people wanted to hear what happens next!

Currently Monique lives in a new apartment, further away from the view that inspired it all and she’s brainstorming the second novel in the series, called Charming Incantations: Sanguine. With a new view, a new outlook on life and constant encouragement from friends, family and fans, Monique strives to breathe new life into mythology and inspire young adults to read into the antiquities that helped form the world we live in.

About Knightwatch Press:

KnightWatch Press is an independent comic book and trade paperback publisher. Specialising in primarily speculative fiction including but not limited to horror, sci-fi, fantasy and steampunk.

At a future point they will also be taking non-fiction submissions relating to esoteric studies. For more information on how to submit and for news please take a look at their website found at www.knightwatchpress.info.

Knightwatch Press is one of the fastest growing independent publishers out there and they treat their authors as though they are part of a family, which is what a publisher is supposed to do. Being less than a year old as of date, they are already producing numerous quality books for the masses. This is definitely a publisher you want to keep your eyes on.

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