25 February 2012

Mina Fedora's Music Video "Nightwatch" 2012 - Review

This is not going to be your normal horror review.  This is actually a review of a horror music video.  Yes, you heard me right a music video.  Strap in for our first music video review here at Twisted Central.
The video starts with a girl running through a house and has just been cut by a man stalking her with a knife.  She runs out the door and gets away. The rest of the video revolves around this guy who is obviously a knife wielding killer being followed around by the ghost of the person singing in the video.  The music itself is an R&B type of music with some techno styles in it and is not a fast paced song by any means.  A dark slow song that you can dance to that has a twist ending.

I have not seen many videos like this where it is straight out of the horror genre.  Being made by Keychain-Productions the look is very good, very clean, and professional.  The video does lack real actors but most music videos do not have very good acting so that’s no real loss there.  I have to admit I am not a fan of the type of music that Mina Fedora is singing but I was able to sit through it because the story was so interesting.  All in all I would definitely recommend this for a watch.  It’s all of 5 minutes long and even if you are not a fan of the R&B style hit mute and you can enjoy the story line.  Stay Twisted everybody!
Reviewed by J.R. Watkins

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