15 February 2012

J.R. Watkins Interviews Up and Coming Scream Queen Pretty Poison

Twisted Central writer, J.R. Watkins recently had the opportunity to interview up and coming scream queen Pretty Poison. Pretty Poison is an actress/model in the horror industry. She has starred in movies like Afterparty Massacre and She Devil’s A-Go-Go. Hope it's as enjoyable for you to read as it was to interview her.

TC: First I would like to take the chance to thank you for taking the time to talk to us here at Twisted Central.
PP: No problem! Thank YOU for wanting to interview me!

TC: Where are you from?
PP: Originally from a Clevo suburb. I've bounced around and eventually made it back to Ohio.

TC: What got you involved with the Horror Industry?
PP: When I moved back to Ohio I was supposed to help Horrormerch.com (Kristoff Bates) out with Acid Rain and couldn't because (and don't laugh) my bowling league was on the same night. I did end up doing some print work for Horrormerch.com and then was asked to be in The Afterparty Massacre and ended up helping work the cons from there!

TC: What is your favorite Horror movie?
PP: My all time fav is definitely Brain Damage! I'm a big Jaws fan too...all of them despite how terrible the sequels were!

TC: You were recently in Afterparty Massacre. What was that experience like?
PP: It was super fun! I actually played four different parts in it! I did two other movies that same year She Devil's a Go-Go and TetherBall: The Movie...and I'm planning to do two more this year as well!

TC: Would you consider yourself an up and coming scream queen?
PP: I don't know. I may not always play the victim! (insert devious laugh here) And I've also had other roles that weren't horror oriented! But I def wouldn't turn another victim role down if asked!

TC: Do you have any upcoming projects?
PP: Yes! Going to be working on another film with the Horrormerch.com crew! I'm def getting my hands a little more dirty with this one...taking a bigger role, and helping out with ideas and writing! I absolutely LOVE it and I'm def thankful for the opportunity!

TC: Other than acting, is there anything else you are interested in?
PP: Well I also model! www.facebook.com/clevelandsnexttopmodel
and sometimes...just sometimes I sing! www.reverbnation.com/timebombheart

TC: Is there anything you would like to say to our fans of Twisted Central?
PP: Thank you so much for reading! Hope I'm as interesting as you would have imagined!
Please add my fanpage for up to date stuff on filming shoots and cons I'll be appearing at!
www.horrormerch.com and you can follow me on Twitter! @HelloMsPoison

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