15 September 2012

Light Productions Launches Website and Trailer for Ahtanum

The Sizzle for Ahtanum has officially launched!

Ahtanum has recently announced an official website and Official Facebook page, please find the attached links at the bottom of the release.

As we're on the final stages of our Indiegogo Funding Process we are hoping to make a late surge in donations. We have a diverse package of Perks for the Indiegogo that ranges from multiple dollars worth of Movies, Music, and more. Please Enjoy the onset stills from our recent Ahtanum Shoot. Teaser will drop early in the week!


It all begins with a secret, one that has been kept hidden in the woods of Central Washington for decades… an unsuspecting group of college students gather for a weekend party and festivities when the group begins disappearing one by one. What’s even more terrifying is the revelation behind it.

Created and Written by: Blake McKinney, Cliff Goldsmith, Kyle Wilson, and Michael J. Mitchell.

Directed by: Cliff Goldsmith

Director of Photography: Josh Hodgins

Talent Attached: Ashton Leigh & Christopher Waun

Ahtanum Official Website >> http://www.ahtanumMovie.webs.com

Ahtanum Official Facebook >> https://www.facebook.com/AhtanumMovie

Ahtanum Indiegogo >> https://www.indiegogo.com/ahtanumMovie

Light Productions & JH Productions LLC Teaser Demo >> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NC1ZnOHtJpY

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