12 September 2012

Asunder 2012 - REVIEW

Marriage can be a fickle beast.  Sometimes it's good, others it's bad and you wish you never would have said the words "I do".  Your life becomes revolved around the fact that you would rather be anywhere but at home because it's just way too depressing.  On the other hand your life may not be as bad a you really make it out to be.

Josh (Lewis Harris II) is on his way out for the night and his wife Melanie (Lou Cifer) is not very happy about it. Nagging at him for always going out and not staying at home with her. Josh explains that he goes out every Monday evening with his friends. He invites her to come along but she replies with "I don't like your friends!" He leaves and meets up with his friends at the bar. When Josh is at the bar ordering drinks a very beautiful woman catches his eye on the dance floor. He has made the decision to go and talk to her and ask her to dance. He has no idea what he is in for!

The production of the movie was is very good.  The really 2 gripes I have is the techno music and there is a scene were the music drowns out the sound.  Because of that I would have to rate the sound overall not great.  The acting while not spectacular was not too bad.  The character of Melanie was especially played well.  She reminded me of my ex wife, so I really didn't like her very much.  But she plays the part of a nagging bitch to perfection.  I hated her inside of 30 seconds.  The effects in this movie were especially good.  There are a few scenes toward the end in particular.  I am not going to describe them in fear that I will give too much away.  When you watch it you will know what I am talking about.

Overall I enjoyed watching this short.  It lasts about 10 minutes which is plenty of time to get the point across.  There are some shorts out there that lack a good story and the delivery of that story.  I think the director did a good job with the delivery.  This film does have a very creepy, dark and almost devilish feel to it.  Temptation is a powerful thing especially when a woman is the one doing the tempting.  Stay twisted everyone!

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