10 September 2012

I Am Nancy 2011 - REVIEW

Recovering from the Horrorhound Convention I just attended with the one and only Gore Whore, I decided to sit back and watch the documentary I purchased from Heather Lagenkamp's table.  Finally meeting Heather was a great moment of the weekend for me.  Since I purchased I am Nancy on Friday evening I have been biting at the bit to watch it.  Horror fans and more specifically fans of the Nightmare series strap in for this one!

We start in a tattoo parlor with a man who is getting his Freddy tattoo filled in and added to it with Heather Lagenkamp  observing and talking to him about the process of deciding on the tattoo and his passion for the Nightmare on Elm Street series.  What about getting a tattoo of Nancy?  This is just were it starts.  From here the camera is following Heather around to conventions around the world with her signing autographs and also interviewing the fans.  While she sees at the conventions Robert England gets more attention and promotion than she does, she is determined to find Nancy memorabilia.  There is a segment with Heather and Robert talking about the series and Nancy, and also Heather talking to Wes Craven on his take on the character Nancy.  All through the autobiographical documentary there are also clips from the movies themselves depicting Nancy's strong will and her fights with Freddy.

I Am Nancy was very well put together from the clips that are shown from the movies to the interviews with the fans from around the world.  Heather is so terrific in this with the fans and very friendly and approachable.  There are a ton of merchandise and promotions for Freddy, but this is all about Nancy.  What a great job to spotlight one of the most notable and strongest "final girl" in Horror movie history.  I can't emphasize enough how well the segments in this film were put together.  From the sound to the high quality of it as well.  Heather's commentary is outstanding and after all she did play Nancy and knows the character the best.

I really enjoyed this film death.  I did not want it to end, it could have been 2 hours longer and I still would have been in the same spot with my eyes glued to the television.  I have always been a HUGE Nancy fan.  Not only is she a fantastic final girl she is so much stronger and fearless than the rest and puts herself in the situation to destroy her night stalker not waiting for him to come to her.  The character of Nancy really can be an inspiration for us all.  I never thought of it like that before but after seeing this it all makes so much sense.  Now when i see someone or even Heather tell somebody to "be Nancy", I will know exactly what that means.  It is something that everyone can relate to.  I am very glad to have the opportunity to purchase this film and view it.  I have been a fan of the Nightmare series since I saw Part 3 (yes, I saw them out of order) when I was 7 years old.  Nancy was always my favorite character in the series.  I highly recommend this movie especially for Nightmare fans.  Stay twisted everyone, and Be Nancy!

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  1. Awesome! I'm getting my chance to meet her in MD this weekend and I'm beyond stoked. I wrote a review of I Am Nancy as well. Loved it!