28 September 2012

Legacy of Death Productions Announces Release of Horror Comic Death Shriek

Dennis John Glinski, is an artist/musician from Buffalo, NY. As an artist he enjoys working in different media (pencils, ink, markers, paints). His craft ranges from horror artwork for books, posters, bands CDs and shirts. Dennis has also drawn family friendly artwork for children's books. When not drawing, Dennis is the lead vocalist for death metal band, Grave Descent and doom metal band, Darkapathy. His free time is spent with his wonderful wife and son.

In the mid 1990s, Legacy of Death was a publisher of comics. In 1998, LOD went into hiatus. In the summer of 2011, Legacy of Death went back to it's roots, a beginning of a new comic book titled: DEATH SHRIEK: a Horror Anthology. Dennis contacted 4 underground Metal bands (one being his own band, Grave Descent) to be featured in the comic with a horror story based on the band’s song. After getting the bands to sign on board, Dennis contacted guest artists to do three (of the four) stories. These being; Kam Lee -musician/artist from Florida, best know for lead vocals in the band Massacre, Dave Gutierrez –artist/musician from New Jersey, Dan Dittmer –tattoo artist/artist from Minnesota, leaving Dennis to do the Grave Descent story. Dennis has developed a new character by the name of The Mosh Keeper, who will be the host and introduce each story. November 2012, will mark the release of DEATH SHRIEK No. 1. In 2013, Death Shriek No. 2 and others will be released.

Horror mastermind Dennis John Glinski's New Horror comic book anthology featuring 4 stories, each based on an Underground Death Metal band's song. Also the Horror host -Mosh Keeper makes his first appearance.
With artwork by Dennis John Glinski and guest artists -Kam Lee, Dave Gutierrez, Dan Dittmer, Brad Moore, Bob Bieber and MonsterMatt Patterson.
Featured bands: Derketa, Grave Descent, Hubris, Rottrevore
Release date: November 2012
Full color glossy cover, b&w interior, 32 pages

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