21 June 2014

Lords of Salem 2013 - REVIEW

Rob Zombie is at it again.  You either love his movies or you hate them.  I am a fan for the most part.  I don't think that he is the best horror director out there but he definitely is unique in his style and film making.  One thing I can say about him is he is an incredible writer but I think when he does both writing and directing something gets lost in translation.  That is kind of what I think happened here.  Such a fantastic idea for a movie but it was so fucked up and just plain out there that its fan base is pretty small.

Heidi Hawthone (Sherri Moon Zombie) is a radio personality at a Salem, MA rock station with her cohorts Whitey (Jeff Daniel Phillips) and Herman Jackson (Ken Foree).  She receives a record in the mail from a metal group called The Lords.  They play it on air but everytime it is played Heidi starts feeling ill and her behavior starts getting more and more bizarre.  She becomes detached from reality and is falling under the spell an evil that she is connected to more than she realizes.

This is one film that is really hard to write a synopsis for considering I have watched it 3 times and only vaguely know what it is about.  I don't necessarily dislike this film but it is definitely out there and at times really does not make a whole lot of sense.  Specially towards the end of the movie, it almost seems like a pile of scenes were put together and were meant to leave you wondering what the fuck did I just watch.

I'm not a huge fan of Sherri Moon Zombie but I think this is probably one of her better performances of all the movies she has been in which coincidentally are her husbands movies.  The supporting cast are alot of horror actors and actresses from the good ole days like Ken Foree, Dee Wallace, and Meg Foster.  All of which do a stand out job in this film with their roles.

To conclude I do like this movie just not that much.  If it had made sense just a little bit more then I may have been totally on board.  A lackluster finale and just weird imagery really leaves me teetering on this one.  I would give Lords 5 out of 10 stars. I could not bring myself to give anything more on this one.  Stay twisted everyone!

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