02 June 2014

Music Store Massacre 2013 - REVIEW

There's something about a horror movie with "massacre" in the title.  Some of the greats have the work massacre in it: Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Slumber Party Massacre etc... It's one of those words in the title that just catch your attention.  Doesn't always mean it is going to be enjoyable though!

Fed up with the evils of today's Society? So is Reverend Smith (Frank Bliss), but unlike you he has a remedy for it. See how he deals with murderers, rapists, white supremacists, child pornography, crooked lawyers, drug dealers, gang bangers, prejudice and the over all ills of our society. Take a ride through Reverend Smith's vengeful mind, where no one is safe and all are judged in "Music Store Massacre". (Courtesy of IMDB.com)

I see alot of indie horror films that come across my desk, some good , some great.  I would say Music Store Massacre is about in the middle.  For me it wasn't really that great but then again I have seen alot worse too.  The quality of the film itself is really not bad.  Probably could have looked a little better but pretty decent.  The story itself is kind of a wild ride.  I really didn't enjoy this movie much but I will give credit where credit is due and if anything the story itself is pretty entertaining.  Acting wasn't that bad but not that great either.

Having said all that I guess it's time for me to rate this massacre movie.  Well even though i did not like it that much I still think there is an audience it would appeal to so I am not going to be too harsh.  I would give this film a 4.5 out of 10 stars.  A little low but the fun factor that I look for in a horror film was not there.  It's worth a watch to see for yourself.  Stay twisted everyone!

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