12 June 2014

Interview with Actress Chanel Ryan

TC: Hi Chanel! How are you today?

CR: Hi Twisted Central! I'm doing rather well, thanks!

TC: Over the past few years you have climbed up the ranks of indie horror. How did your acting career get started?

CR: My very first acting job was one of the lead roles in a quirky indie comedy called WAITING FOR THE ROCKET. Not long after I auditioned for legendary director John Frankenheimer and was offered a role in GEORGE WALLACE on the spot working opposite Gary Sinise and Mare Winningham. Shortly after I booked a role as one of the "Felon Cheerleaders" in BASEketball. Around the same time I landed a costarring role opposite Bill Murray in THE SWEET SPOT. I look back at the great projects I booked when I was just starting and wish I would've been more focused on my acting career. Although acting was my first love in the early years of my career I wasn't very focused. I was often out of the country on modeling jobs. Which makes it difficult to pursue and acting career. More often that not I would audition for a project and then get an callback but I would be working out of town on a modeling job.

TC: What is the most recent project that you have worked on and what is it about?

CR: My schedule has been crazy for the past year. I have booked on back to back projects.
I just returned from New Orleans filming a small but fun part in comedy MIND PUPPETS which has a great cast including Kevin Pollak, and Vinnie Jones.

I have several films premiering as I write ALICE D. where I play Kane Hodder's evil sidekick, was just awarded "best horror" film at IFS Festival where it premiered on May 27th; SKUM ROCKS narrated by Alice Cooper is just had it's U.S. premiere at Mann's Chinese theater May 30th, the film has an all star cast including Kevin Bacon, Matthew Broderick, Fran Dresher and numerous rock & roll legends; and DEAD SEA, the "Creature Feature", will be available on VOD/DVD May 20th.

My Upcoming films include Romantic comedy LOVE ADDICT. Late July/August I am excited to reprise my role as "Ms. Gleason" in BAD KIDS GO TO HELL 2, opposite Judd Nelson and Ben Browder. In August I am joining the cast of haunted house film MARKED in one of the lead roles. A vampire project DRAKUL is premiering at the HOBOKEN FILM FESTIVAL in June and is in negotiations to film 5 new episodes for a British TV station.

TC: You have undoubtedly worked with some very talented actors and actresses. What movie have you worked on was the most memorable?

CR: Yes I have been so lucky to work with actors who are more talented, and more successful than myself and veterans in their craft. Every film is memorable for different reasons and I learn so much from every actor I work with. I pretty much just take a step back and watch their process.

I recently worked on MIND PUPPETS in New Orleans and it was a really nice change of pace to go into a project with a small role. Don't get me wrong I love doing lead roles. But normally I have so much on my mind when filming. The second I am done with a scene I am prepping for the next one and have zero down time. It was really fun watching Yvonne Zima film here scenes. She did a phenomenal job and it was very inspiring. 

TC: You recently starred in Circus of the Dead with Bill Oberst what was that experience like?

CR: Bill Oberst Jr. is an amazing talent and he can lick my face anytime! He is such a gentleman and was wonderful to work with. He plays the maniacal serial killer "Papa Corn" in CIRCUS OF THE DEAD. We have a couple pretty violent scenes together. In person he is very soft spoken and polite and would apologize before we did our scenes. Then Billy Pon (the director) would yell action and he would turn into a complete psycho. As soon as Billy yelled cut he would make sure I was ok, and apologize some more.

TC: I have seen you all over social media embracing all of your fans all over the world. Have you attended any conventions recently or have any coming up?

CR: Funny you should ask I am actually answering the interview questions from 30,000 feet in the air! On the plane en route to BIZARRE AC. I will be appearing at the show this weekend June 13-15.

The East coast premiere of CIRCUS OF THE DEAD will also be at the show Saturday night at 9pm: http://bizarreac.com/screenings.aspx

TC: Is there anything you would like to say to all of your fans?

CR: Thank you for actually reading this interview! My fans are truly the best! I have been fortunate to meet many of you over the years at different events and appearances! A big thank you for supporting my career over the years, and making the journey with me from model to actress. Without you watching my films, checking out my interviews etc. I would not have a career!

I am a huge animal rights activist and end every interview with a plea . . . Please spay and neuter your pets!! Be part of the solution, not the problem! And please if you are thinking of getting a pet ADOPT from a shelter or rescue. They make the best pets!

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