01 December 2012

The Muse 2012 - REVIEW

I love it when a movie mixes my two favorite things, horror movies and rock n roll.  If I could make movies and play music for the rest of my life I would be a happy man.  That is bit of a pipe dream though.  Although, making a one hit wonder to me would be worse than not being a musician at all.  Yeah you would be remembered, maybe, but it's either all or nothing.

Addison Taylor (Isaac Simons) is in his own personal hell.  Trying to get inspiration to make a followup hit to his breakout song "Fuck you like a Porn star".  So far all Addison has been able to accomplish is bang groupie's and get drunk.  Addison's manager (Paul Blummenfeld) suggests he go up to the vacation home he just bought and spend some time up there by himself.  Addison follows his advice and does just that hoping something will give him inspiration enough to write another hit song.  Little does Addison know he would get more inspiration than he anticipated.  A muse helps him with what he was looking for but drives him to insanity in the process.

The Muse has a well written story, but  takes way too long for anything significant to happen.  For the first half of the movie I was not sure if I was really watching a horror movie or a drama.  I really would not consider this horror though more of a Thriller.  I was most impressed with acting of the lead role by Isaac Simons.  He played the part like a seasoned pro and definitely adds something to the movie.  I was really not a fan of the music he was playing was kind of Wussy rock n roll like Coldplay.  The sound and production of the movie in a whole was put together very well.  It's also worth noting that the producer was also lead actor Isaac Simon.

My final consensus on this film is that I rather enjoyed it.  There were parts I thought where it kind of dragged, but it wasn't bad enough that I lost total interest in it.  It has alot to do with the fact that half of the movie really only involves one person.  One person does not add much excitement or dialogue to keep the audience intrigued.  The movie does get better though and picks up the pace very nicely.  If you are a real gore fan this one will probably disappoint because there is not much blood or guts at all.  That's really not a bad thing, but I could have used a little more violence to satisfy my horror needs. I do suggest this film to anyone looking for a good thrill.  Especially if you are a fan of music like Coldplay, the music throughout the movie will really appeal to you.  Stay twisted everyone!

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