23 December 2012

Mothers Day 2010 - REVIEW

Yet another Hollywood remake.  I've said before I am not big on remakes, and the last 2 movies I've reviewed are remakes.  Mother's Day, like Silent Night, is really only a title only remake.  While I never saw the original and have no basis for a comparison.  I have talked to several people who have said the story and the movie itself is nothing like the original.  If you are looking for a really creepy and just plain intense movie to watch.  I highly suggest you pick this up!

The Sohapi's are having a birthday get together at their new house in Witchita, KS where a tornado warning has just been issued.  While they are all down in the finished basement partying, a family of 3 brothers have entered their house too get help for  their youngest who is wounded.  Daniel Sohapi (Frank Grillo) goes upstairs to see what is going on only to realize his house is being overtaken by bank robbers.  The oldest brother Ike (Patrick John Flueger) finally gets ahold of their Mother (Rebecca De Mornay) and she is on her way to try and help her boys.  All of the party guests in the basement are now being held hostage till this family gets the money they need to go to Canada.  Their lives all lay in the hands of a sadistic, evil Mother who will do anything to protect her family!

This movie was made in 2010 but did not get a release in the US until May 8th of 2012.  I was very impressed with the acting in Mother's Day.  Rebecca DeMornay leads the cast with a nothing less than stellar performance.  Her portrial of the Mother was so creepy and intimidating that I myself will never look at her the same again.  Another notable performance is put in by Jamie King who was in the Silent Night remake as well.

The most impressive thing about Mothers day are the special effects.  The movie is packed with blood, guts and gore and some pretty impressive death scenes that will make all horror fans druel over.  I do have to worn that it is pretty graphic and hard to stomach at times.  I thought all the death scenes were awesome but it gets mighty brutal at times.  The story itself was so well put together.  There is a main plot and there are actually a couple of subplots that uncover throughout the movie.  The only complaint I really have is the movie took way too long.  Yeah, it was 2 hours but lets face it movie goers, or maybe its just me, don't want to sit for a whole 2 hours anymore.  An hour and a half is plenty of time.  There was just so much to fit in here that 2 hours was needed.  A couple of things could have been cut out but it's still worth the watch.

I have always been a big DeMornay fan.  Let's face it she has always been a very attractive woman.  She is a bit older than her haydey but she can still pull it off.  She finds a way to suck the audience in to guess what she is going to do next.  Any fan of The Hand That Rocks the Cradle will have a great time watching this as she built on her creepy persona a little more.  Stay twisted everyone!

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