12 December 2012

Horror Fiction at Albino Jacks - PRESS RELEASE

Feast your eyes upon the macabre, hold the darkness in your hands. This is Albino Jacks.
A pulp, trash and sleaze fuelled juggernaut slopping out twisted doses of pinup fiction on our website (www.albinojacks.com) and in our quarterly magazine featurette.
More than just a pretty picture, the very latest edition in Albino Jacks’ twisted pinup series follows Goldilocks (played by Ethel Fletcher) as she meanders her way through the forest and stumbles across the Bears' lair. Inevitably, events unfold and let’s just say that she had a lasting impression on Daddy Bear. This piece has been produced as a 36 page piece of vintage-pinup inspired pulp fiction. The screen simply does not do it justice, so in honor of all things vintage, we are only publishing this piece in its entirety in print.

If Goldilocks gone wrong isn't enough. Badass Red Riding Hood (played by Masubi), is hell bent on getting her own back on the big, bad wolf. Beautifully presented as a 32 page, full color magazine. Follow Red Riding Hood on her way home from grandmas. Hold the story in your hands, witness the horrors unfold. Will Red Riding Hood get her own back, or will she succumb to the jaws of the wolf?

It’s not all doom and gloom right? Or maybe it is. Another lethal dose for the mind occurs in ‘the exorcism of Ruby Jewel’. A good girl gone bad, Ruby was once a quiet girl. But now something sinister lurks in the shadows.

Every story is beautifully presented with high quality images, in magazine format. Each one will be unlike anything you've read before. Your favorite fairy tales transformed in true Albino Jacks fashion. Be prepared to witness striking photography with twisted narrative to create a whole new concept of popular fairy tales and new pinup pulp fiction.

Next issue: Betty Havok in 'Gone Fishing' ... out in the New Year!
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