05 October 2012

The Infection - BOOK REVIEW

The story opens with one fifth of the world falling down and screaming uncontrollably. After what seemed an eternity, the screaming stops and an eerie silence envelops the world as the victims descend into a coma. For three days, families wait anxiously for their loved ones to awaken. Then, much to everyone's chagrin, they do. The infection begins to spread. Hospitals are overrun as the Screamers awaken and begin attacking everyone who crosses their path. The story focuses on a group of survivors who travel from place to place in a Bradley (an armored military vehicle). They struggle to last one more day and find some sort of haven in the storm. As it turns out, in these catastrophic times, even havens are not safe.

At first, this appeared to be a typical story about a ragtag group of survivors attempting to survive the zombie apocalypse. Then, just as the hope of originality began to fade, the first twist arrived. From that point on, I found the book captivating. I could not wait to start reading again every time I had to put it down. Craig DiLouie did an amazing job at turning the usual zombie story on its head and shaking everything loose. I could not wait to see what fell out next. I felt my breath catch every time some new terror appeared on the pages.

His characters are very well developed, and his use of flashback gives the reader an opportunity to discover what happened to them before the infection. Granted, sometimes, I wanted to go onto the pages, just so I could physically assault a character or two. However, at the end, I found that my heart belonged with “the tribe,” even the ones I wanted to smack.

So, to sum it all up, The Infection is a spectacular read, and I would definitely recommend it. I have it on good authority that there is a sequel out there, and I am very much looking forward to rejoining my tribe and continuing to follow their adventures in this perplexing, and often terrifying, new world. On a more personal note, I noticed homage to my favorite star of all time, Bruce Campbell. I just wanted to say that anytime I come across something such as that I have to smile.

Review by: Malinda McAteer

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