17 October 2012

Syfy Drops First Trailer for Upcoming Series Defiance

Watch the show. Play the game. Change the world.

Coming soon to Syfy, Defiance is the innovative serial drama from the minds behind Battlestar Galactica and Farscape. Drifting through a terramorphed American landscape, the mysterious Nolan settles in a border town where aliens and humans fight against the fragility of peace. Tune in weekly as the citizens of Defiance thrive in this hostile world, and see how their struggles impact your war in the high-octane multi-platform MMO shooter from Trion Worlds!

Check out the first trailer for Syfy’s upcoming premiere of Defiance, a full Syfy experience where the television series converges with an MMO game, premiering in April 2013! Defiance, from the minds behind Battlestar Galactica & Farscape, stars Grant Bowler (True Blood) and Julie Benz (Dexter), and will join the transmedia revolution as it unfolds a serial drama from the TV screen into the world of gaming. For more information about the show, visit http://defiance.com/en/series/, and for more information about the game, check out http://defiance.com/en/game/

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