24 October 2012

See the Sexier, Slimmer, More Sinister Version of The Devil Within: Rise of Evil

The Devil Within: Rise of Evil 
 “Sexier, Slimmer and more Sinister!”
The audience spoke and the filmmakers listened. The Devil Within was originally released on DVD in June of 2010. In anticipation of its first appearance on video-on-demand, The Devil Within has undergone several changes. The film has been retitled The Devil Within: Rise of Evil and now, there is a new cut. The Devil Within: Rise of Evil is faster paced, bloodier and sexier than its original version.

At the heart of this horror title is a love story between Sirena (Elizabeth Di Prinzio) and John (Grey Damon). This relationship is put to the test at a pool party when Sirena’s rivals try to pull John away from her. As well, a killer enters the mix and he has his eyes set squarely on Sirena. Having sliced out any scenes that lagged in the original, this title is now more focused on what matters. This new cut introduces more blood in the film’s twist(ed) ending and gore fans will find something shocking in the finale. As well, the love scenes between John and Sirena are more explicit and the scenes of topless girls at the pool party have been extended! This latest version gives horror fans what they want: more violence and more sex! 
The Devil Within: Rise of Evil has also been remastered. Many local Los Angeles artists have contributed to the film’s new soundtrack. Actress Elizabeth Di Prinzio adds her melodic vocals to a track. And artists Emii, Day Above Ground and The Sammus Theory also add rock tracks to the film’s score. With a new score and remastered audio on the release, the film has a fuller atmosphere and a faster tempo to the film.

The Devil Within: Rise of Evil stars the best in the horror genre. Actor Bill Oberst Jr. (Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies) plays the very creepy Principal Edwards. Oberst’s character stalks the party-goers and Sirena in a very strange fashion. What is he doing there? Actress Elizabeth Di Prinzio (Scary or Die) is the protagonist of the film and the focus of a shadowy figure. As well, Grey Damon (“True Blood”) plays John, Sirena’s very distracted boyfriend. When the alcohol flows, sexual conflicts and competitions begin. The tension increases when a mysterious killer enters the fray. What kind of a monster would murder a handicapped girl?

Release Date: October 12th (Video-on-demand, Amazon) and Q4, 2012 (Netflix, iTunes).
Director: Tom Hardy.
Writer: Matt Dean.
Executive producers: Randy Aldridge, and Cindy Aldridge.
Cast: Bill Oberst Jr., Elizabeth Di Prinzio, Grey Damon, Ryn Harrison, Peyten Aldridge.
The film’s official website is here: http://www.thedevilwithinfilm.com/
A Facebook fan page is here: https://www.facebook.com/TheDevilWithinRiseOfEvil

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