02 October 2012

The Dark Cinema Announces Pilot Films and Directors

An international cast of talented filmmakers headlines the pilot episode of The Dark Cinema 

Los Angeles, CA – After a several month selection process, THE DARK CINEMA has announced their final slate of films to be included in the half-hour pilot episode of the horror/thriller/sci-fi anthology, which will be hosted by indie horror icon, Bill Oberst Jr. (Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies, Dismal, Scary Or Die; as well as the Daytime Emmy-winning Facebook App, Take This Lollipop) 

Producer Cheryl Compton describes the curation experience: “I was overwhelmed by the response to our project. For several weeks, I watched short films from the moment I got up, until the moment I went to sleep – but it was well worth it because I believe we have a strong line-up, which will grab the attention of viewers.” 

The international roster of critical and festival favorites includes two films from the United Kingdom – Transmission directed by Brett Young, and 2:20 by Jason Wingard; from Italy, The Puzzle by Davide Melini; representing Portugal is O Risco (The Line) with Jose Pedro Lopes at the helm; and finally, from the United States is Daniel MacMunn's Out of Placement. All the films in the pilot episode are tied to the theme “evil toys and possessed objects.” Compton continues, “there are so many talented filmmakers all over the world – and now with the relatively inexpensive resources available to them, it's much easier for directors and producers to bring their stories from conception to completion.” 

THE DARK CINEMA will shoot the wrap-arounds on Halloween day and immediately head into post- production. In keeping with the worldwide flair of the pilot, Bill Oberst Jr will also be hosting the trailers in English, Spanish and German. “Horror is international. Humans are all fearful of the same things, so these films are very translatable and accessible to a broader global market,” explained Oberst. 

In the collaborative spirit of filmmaking, THE DARK CINEMA has launched their own crowd-funding campaign to cover the production basics. They're offering a wide range of incentives, including promotional DVDs, autographed 8x10 publicity photos, t-shirts – as well as IMDB special thanks and executive producer credits. (http://www.indiegogo.com/thedarkcinema) and (http://www.facebook.com/TheDarkCinema).

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