31 May 2012

We Are What We Eat 2012 (Short Film) - REVIEW

Zombie movies have made quite a big breakthrough to start out this decade.  On the big screen you have Zombieland which mixed zombies with tons of humor.  Zombieland did very well in the box office and on DVD it was a hit.  Following the success of Zombieland came the weekly T.V. series The Walking Dead.  As everyone reading this knows The Walking Dead is the one of the most watched and most popular shows on the air.  They don't make nearly enough episodes but that's a discussion for another time.  The zombie craze has taken over once again on the heels of a box office hit and a small screen T.V. show.  Everyone is trying to cash in and put their mark in Horror.  That's exactly what we have here.

As Nicole (Lucy Joyce) walks into what seems to be study hall, late her teacher (Chris Bearne) asks for a note.  She does not have one and has an lame excuse as well.  She is excused and takes her seat.  Her boyfriend then proceeds to walk in and his excuse is not tolerated.  He asks Nicole to meet him after school, but when she does she notices his backpack laying on the ground and he is on the side of the little trial bloody and formidably looks to be a zombie.  Nicole is bitten, she goes home and takes care of her wound on her ankle.  The next day she is walking to school with her boyfriend and he seems to be fine now and her wound has disappeared.  Has she imagined the whole thing?

This short film does last 10 minutes and shot a record breaking 220 shots in 2 days, at 6 locations with 27 zombie extras.  They must have been awfully motivated to get that much done in that short amount of time.  You would think in that time the production itself would be rushed and not very good.  It's quite the opposite.  I viewed it in HD format, it looked great.  I was rather impressed with what they did with this movie production wise.  Usually in this section i comment on the direction and acting as well, but I am going to deviate from the Twisted Central formula and save that for the section to includes my opinion.

Here we go, this is what I think of this overall movie.  I am going to come right out and say I did not like it.  While the production quality was good the direction and acting was terrible.  There was really no back story, there is no explanation why everyone is fine one day then the whole school are zombie's the next day.  I know it is a short film but I have viewed shorts that were half the length with more back story than this offered.  Yes, they seem to have shot 220 shots in 2 days but the storyline suffers, the acting does and you can tell it was rushed.  I understand there are budget constraints but I am not a fan of things that are rushed.  This is not a movie that will cash in on the zombie craze, not at all.  Stay twisted everyone!

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