27 May 2012

13 Witches 2012 Webseries - News Update

From driector Sabine Mondestin comes a web series entitle 13 Witches.  This is about 13 sisters who practiced Paganism back in the 1700's and were accused of witchcraft.  They were tortured and burnt alive at the stake.  They are reincarnated into present day to seek their revenge. 

So far 3 episodes out of 20 have been released.  I recently caught the latest installment and i was rather intrigued, so I watched the other 2 episodes.  It stars Sabine Mondestin, Steve Lareau, and many others.  You can catch the series on youtube and the series will be weekly.  With 20 episodes that are about 10-12 minutes in length it doesn't take alot of time to watch and makes a nice new horror series to catch this summer. 

Catch the latest episode here: http://www.youtube.com/user/13WitchesWebSerie


  1. can one buy this on dvd

  2. At this time it is only available online.

  3. Yes you can buy it online here's the link