03 May 2012

Daniel Brown's "The Intruder" 2010 (Short Film) - REVIEW

Everyone, well most everyone knows whats its like to live alone.  No one to talk to and only yourself to worry about.  You hear stories of burglaries and people being stalked and raped and you think that can never happen to you. 

A short 15 minute film about a woman (Katie McMeans) who lives by herself and is walking to her apartment coming home from a night out.  As she is going in the main door to the complex the door does not shut all the way because it is caught by a strange man (Daniel Brown) who follows her inside.  He explains that he forgot his key and she without question lets him into the complex. She is getting into the elevator and he is standing behind her, then when she turns around he is gone.  Not really thinking anything of it she proceeds up to her apartment. Where did the strange man go?  Will she run into him again?  Guess you will have to see for yourself!

I am going to get right into what this movie entails.  The production value is not very good.  The sound is weak, and the picture quality is not great.  Having said that the direction in this film is not bad at all.  There is essentially only 2 actors one man and one woman.  On a creepiness factor of 1 to 10 this film rates and 11.  The part of the intruder was played by the director Daniel Brown and did a fantastic job of giving the creepy vibe.  I did find myself enthralled to what would happen next.  The overall acting itself was pretty good.  There was not much dialogue at all which adds to the creepiness factor.  The tone is very dark and dreary much like the crappy apartment the girl lives in.

As an overall consensus I did enjoy The Intruder.  I liked the characters and they way they were portrayed.  There is something that can be said about a film that has minimal dialogue and is still able to keep the viewer glued to the screen.  In fact, if i wasn't so tired at this very moment i would have been on the edge of my seat.  I like characters that have a creepy and dark demeanor like the intruder does.  He is not a massive maniac serial killer such as Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees, but has a persona all of his own.  There is something to be said about a suspense film that is able to live up to the title of being suspenseful.  Stay twisted everyone!

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