09 May 2010

Horror Movie Moms

As we celebrate another Mother's Day, it makes me think of all the things we subject our mothers to and what we as mothers must endure ourselves. From birthing them to the roadblocks we hit while raising them. Albiet, most every day moms go through nothing compared to that of a horror movie mom. We have put together a list of OUR top horrifying movie moms. The ones who have shown, through example, how to get the job done. They've stared death in the face. They've killed to avenge. They've even killed, or attempted to kill their own.

Margaret White

Who could forget this horror movie mom that took her faith in God to a whole new level. A woman who was teetering on the edge of sanity to start with. She saw everything as a sin and when her teenage daughter became a woman, she fell right off.

Donna Trenton

Death came looking for this horror movie mom in the form of a rabid St. Bernard. I remember watching Cujo as a young girl and thinking Holy Shit!. I'm sure a lot of us never looked at those cute, fuzzy cartoon dogs the same way again.

Rachel Keller

C'mon, admit it. If someone told you there was a movie that would kill you, you'd watch it just to see what happens. I would.

Pamela Voorhees

I don't know about you but I'd probably lose it too if a bunch of camp counselors were screwing around (literally) while my kid was drowning.

Chris MacNeil

So your kid is possessed by a demon huh? You have to wonder what was going through this mom's head as her daughter is thrashing about and doing a 360 with her head. Not to mention the green projectile vomiting.

Wendy Torrance

We all have our demons. They just don't usually come in the form of a possessed husband. Watching this film makes me really, really appreciate my husband.

Debbie Salt aka Mrs. Loomis

Ok so she's not your average horror movie mom but her motives are much the same as Pamela Voorhees. Though her son wasn't the innocent victim like Jason Voorhees, you still have to take into account the unconditional love thing. Right?

Rosemary Woodhouse

Such a torn mother. Kill or don't kill. Possessed, not possessed.

Alien Queen

She's that somewhat cuddly, drooling super mom we all love to hate. I mean if it wasn't for her, WWRD (What would Ripley do)?

Laurie Strode

She was already the ultimate survivor but give her a son and she becomes the protectant mother that even Michael Meyers can't defeat.

No doubt we've left off a few moms but as I said, these are "OUR" favorite horror movie moms. Feel free to comment below and add your favorite!!


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