06 May 2010

Camp Blood: Friday the 30th

That's right... I said Friday the 30th. Why?? Because it's only been 30 years since the First Friday the 13th came out!! DUH!

So, to celebrate 30 years of slasher magic New Line Cinema, Paramount, Warner Bros., PitofHorror.com, Convention All Stars and Horror Hound Magazine have come together to sponsor the CAMP BLOOD: FRIDAY THE 30TH horror convention. C'mon, need I say more??

Guests will include so many actors from EACH movie as well as writers and directors that I'd be sitting here all day trying to add links to each name. We also heard from a little mouse that it's possible Kevin Bacon and Corey Feldman could make an appearance. Nothing confirmed yet but we'll definitely let you know if or when we find out.

I can't tell you how excited I am for this one!! Feel free to email us at
or comment below if you plan to attend. We'll see ya there!!!

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