24 May 2010

Camp Blood - Friday the 30th - UPDATE

It appears the Camp Blood venue has changed. Instead of the Hilton Garden Inn, the convention will be held at Sneaky Pete's Sports Bar & Banquet Facility. Which actually makes for a better venue as it overlooks Lake Lewisville and has an actual camp feeling about it.

John Gray posted on the forum, "We are turning the "conventional convention" on it's ear with this one folks, and believe you me, what we are planning with Sneaky Pete's is going to blow you away. I wanted to wait until we could announce it officially on the site, but of course, it was just a matter of time I'm sure before word got out that the venue was changing."

According to John, there is much more room than before as well as Studio Movie Grill being right next door. So the all day Friday the 13th film festival is going to be in an actual theater (with beer and food) on Friday August 13th with celebs and panels. "So basically, you can register in the morning and then watch all the original Friday's on the big screen, in 35mm!" John posted.


Derek Mears has yet to confirm on his appearance stating a schedule conflict but had this to say: "Right on. Please tell John that I sincerely appreciate the offer to attend Camp Blood. The reason I haven't committed to John's show is that I am scheduled to be out of town working on a feature at the time of the show. If by any chance my schedule changes, or the shoot dates are moved, I will immediately contact him about attending. Camp Blood sounds great and I hope the con is a success for him."

Kevin Bacon also hasn't confirmed his appearance but rumor has it, it's a no from him.

Miguel Nunez has officially joined the show. You may remember him as Demon from Friday the 13th Part V. Let's just hope Sneaky Pete's doesn't serve any of those "damn enchiladas"!!

We'll let you know when more info becomes available!!

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