30 September 2016

‘Terrortory’ Streaming on Amazon for Free Through October

Kangas Kahn Films will premiere its newest horror film Terrortory for free from October 1st – October 31st on Amazon Prime. The film will be available to stream in Germany and the United Kingdom also.

Terrortory is an anthology horror film in the vein of Creepshow and “Tales From The Crypt”. It features six horrific tales set in the mythical region of Maryland known for an abundance of strange happenstances and urban legends.

It stars a large cast including Johnny Alonso (Coffin”, “Gotham), Melissa LaMartina (Call Girl of Cthulhu), Bianca Allaine (Albino Farm), Maddie Howard (Ping Pong Summer), Nadia White (Milfs Vs. Zombies) and more.
“We’ve been amazed at the response we’ve gotten so far from putting some of our movies on Prime. We had more than a million minutes streamed in the first nineteen days, and passed two million minutes in just over a month,” said director Kevin Kangas (‘Fear of Clowns’), who adds that premiering the film on Amazon Prime is a perfect way to get the movie out to as many people as possible in the quickest manner possible. “We can let a ton of people see the flick without signing any lengthy contracts that tie up our rights for years.”
After October 31st the film will be available for streaming but most likely won’t be free, says the director. All of their movies can be added to a watchlist through this link. Once added to a watchlist, the movies can be viewed on any web-enabled device. Terrortory will be available to be pre-added to the watchlist in late September, and will show up in the viewer’s watchlist when it’s available to stream.

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