27 September 2016

#Horror 2015 - REVIEW

A lot of our readers ask, "Hey GW, why don't you and J.R. review movies much anymore?" Well, I can't speak for him but I'm gonna answer for myself now so listen carefully... Back when I started reviewing movies, if you wanted to see an indie film, you pretty much had to know someone who knew someone and so on just to get a copy of it and they were GOOD! You could see the time and effort put into each and every story and the production and the characters. Now, it's a struggle find the good ones. With so many self proclaimed filmmakers out there, horror has become a joke. No one takes it seriously, no one. Not the the filmmakers, not the critics and certainly not the audience. Independent film used to be where the magic was but now it's become boring and predictable and the more I watch, the less I WANT to watch. Now you guys got me rambling. Let's move on.

Case in point, here is the synopsis for #Horror from IMDb... Six preadolescent girls, Sam (Sadie Seelert), Georgie (Emma Adler), Sofia (Bridget McGarry), Francesca (Mina Sundwall) Cat (Haley Murphy) and Ava (Blue Lindeberg) face a night of terror when the compulsive addiction of an online social media game turns a moment of cyber bullying into a night of insanity.

Misleading the audience with inaccurate plots seems to be all the rage today. Getting it a bit off is one thing but flat out getting it wrong is another. Other than some emoticons flashing across the screen and some implied picture postings I saw nothing that indicated there was a "game" being played. In fact, half way through the movie, all the girls put their phones in a safe so they would actually be able to interact with each other. Why I don't know because this was the most detestable bunch of girls I have ever seen in a movie. They made Mean Girls look like a day at the park. Believe me, there was plenty of bullying, but it wasn't really cyber bullying so that is definitely misleading. There is no depth to #Horror. It's not a social experiment and it doesn't shine a light on anything other than my growing disgust for Indie horror.

The cast performances were decent despite the ridiculous dialogue and amateurish character development done. It seems to be a common thing these days to make every single character in your film so unlikable that the audience doesn't give two shits whether they live or die. Fans of horror want someone to root for; we NEED that final girl/guy who's strong willed and doesn't give up no matter what regardless if they make it in the end or not. And Timothy Hutton, oh Timothy, I am so displeased that someone so seasoned could read this script and say, "YES! I need to be a part of that!" I hope he was well paid because there is little doubt that he will get a career boost out of this one.

Ultimately, there is nothing redeeming about this movie. #Horror is just #horrible and I would not recommend it to any hardcore horror fan. If you do attempt to watch this, prepare yourself for 80 minutes of preteens busting each other down just to bring each other back up again over and over and over again mixed with some very questionable parenting tactics then 10 minutes of I don't even know what.... horror mess? I don't know... save yourself the time and do something different like take your dog to the park or have your pubes waxed. At least in the end, you'd have something to show for your time.

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