27 September 2016

Supernatural Bosses on How They Come Up with New Stories

Over the course of 11 seasons, Supernatural has delivered 241 episodes filled with different monsters, mysteries, and of course, motels. But the biggest mystery of the show remains: How do the writers keep coming up with new ideas?!

“We really take great pains to not retread things,” executive producer Robert Singer tells EW. “Obviously we give nods to our past mythology, but we really want to be cognizant that we’re not telling the same story over and over again. Because that wouldn’t be fun for the audience and it’s not fun for us.”

So when it comes to finding new inspiration, showrunner Andrew Dabb says, “It begins in two places: There’s the character place and the plot place. How can we evolve these characters? We’re living in a world where Sam and Dean have changed a lot over the course of 11 seasons, and where do you take them that feels natural but also feels like new ground? Specifically, this season, Mary becomes a springboard toward interesting character growth for both of them. That’s the character place, that’s leaning heavily on what’s come before, who these people are.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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