11 April 2014

Top 5 Horror Films of 1984

As I look through the list of 1984, it was really not a big year for horror movies but 1984 was not boring at all.  This is the year for some big horror blockbusters.  Real classics that made the genre what it is today.  Let's see what we got, shall we?

I just saw this recently for the first time.  Not really so much scary as just cheesy 80's awesomeness.  It was good enough to make #5 on the list.

A Stephen King book turned to the big screen with a bunch of creepy fuckin kids who are out to kill all the adults in Gatlin.  Oh yea, Linda Hamilton is in this one too!!

Love or hate this movie, it is one of the better Friday sequels.  Certainly not the best but Ted White did an excellent job of playing the larger more destructive Jason and a young Corey Feldman that was pretty alright as well.  While Kimberly Beck was no Amy Steel as a final girl she was a hell of a lot better than Dana Kimmell.  As much as I like Part III I still have to admit Dana was pretty awful.

My absolute favorite movie to watch around the holiday season.  This film really is a slasher film in every way.  Unfortunately it was picketed by the PTA so bad that it only lasted a couple of weeks in the theaters and not getting a release on VHS till some time after.

Of course this was going to be #1 on the list.  The first big hit released by New Line Cinema and another masterpiece in horror for Wes Craven.  Introducing everyone to Freddy Krueger played by Roger Englund and his glove of blades.

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