11 April 2014

Teaser Trailer Released for Deadly Revisions

Apr. 9, 2014 - LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Film fans can now get a sneak peek of writer/director Gregory Blair’s “DEADLY REVISIONS” with the teaser trailer released this week. Tight and tense, the teaser is reveals just enough to get audiences ready for Blair’s unique blend of psychological thriller and horror film.

Emmy Award winning horror movie favorite Bill Oberst, Jr. appears as Grafton Torn— an amnesiac horror film writer for whom hypnotherapy and nightmares reveal terrifying images that just can’t be real. Or can they? With an unreliable narrator, the audience has to keep reevaluating the information they get as the slow burn script piles on increasingly unexpected plot twists. In "DEADLY REVISIONS", remembering can be murder!

A valentine to the horror genre, the film provides all the spooky staples fans adore: dark passageways, creaking floorboards and things lurking in the shadows. At the same time, there are also loving winks to masters such as Brian DePalma, Sam Raimi and Alfred Hitchcock. Through the combination of these elements, as our hero examines his past, the film also examines the art of the horror film itself and its own value as a fun and safe place to confront our fears.

The film has already garnered Blair the EOTM Award for “Best Director of an Indie Horror Film” and reviewers have lauded it as “Amazing” (Chris Mackey, GuestStars Blog) and “Mind Blowing” (Char Hardin, Charred Remains Blogpost).

For more information on "DEADLY REVISIONS" visit: http://www.DeadlyRevisionsMovie.com.

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