10 November 2013

Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday The 13th (2013) - REVIEW

Finally what every Friday The 13th fan has been waiting for ever since the release of Never Sleep Again, the documentary on Nightmare on Elm Street, a complete documentary on the Friday The 13th film series.  Back in 2005 a book was released by the same name to serve as a complete behind the scenes history of Friday The 13th.  This served as a fantastic piece of reading for any Friday fan but would not be enough.  There needed to be something on the big screen for fans to get their Friday fix.

Here was have the most complete and in depth look at every film in the Friday franchise that fans have been itching for.  Spread over 2 discs and 2 discs of bonus material totaling well over 6 hours of viewing, enough to give an horror nerd a big ole geekgasm.  From the same creators of Never Sleep Again they have broken down each movie one by one and interviewing countless Friday alumni including some interviews that were not featured on the original book.  As a Friday fan I can say we have all been waiting for this a long time and finally we have something to sink our teeth into.  I guess I should also mention that it is hosted by Corey Feldman and that's all I am going to say about that.

I was very impressed with how thorough this documentary was in detailing every little thing about the franchise that has dominated the horror industry since 1980.  The set comes with 2 blu ray discs and 2 dvd discs as well as 2 more discs loaded with bonus material and I have to be honest I have yet to check out all the bonus material as of yet.  The first disc covers Friday 1-7 plus a small segment on Friday The 13th The Series.  I was a little disappointed with the little amount of time they spent talking about The Series because it is one of my favorite TV Shows but I guess there wasn't much they could say.  Although an interview with Robey would have been a nice add on to it.

The second disc starts with part 8 and goes till the end of the franchise to date.  I have to admit that from part 8 on are not my favorite of the series so needless to say the first disc is were it is at.  Once New Line took over the series I really could give a shit about those movies.  Jason Goes to Hell was terrible as well as Jason X.  The only one that really kept my interest on the second disc was Freddy vs Jason which we all know was fucking awesome.  Just to add something to F VS J, what the fuck happened to Monica Keena.  She looks like a totally different person and I don't mean that in a good way.  There is plastic surgery then there is I have too much money and going to totally make my face look like an alien.

All in all I really enjoyed watching this and have to say my favorite segment was the breakdown of Friday The 13th Part 3.  While it is not my favorite movie of the series it's my 3rd favorite as a matter of fact but knowing so little about the behind the scenes to this one and the interviews with the always gorgeous Dana Kimmel, as well as Paul Kratka, Larry Zerner, and the late Richard Brooker made this what I thought was the most informative segments of the doc.  Don't get me wrong each segment is awesome and the segment on the first film shows how it came to even be.  I would rate this 9 out of 10 stars, can't quite give it a perfect 10 because it was hosted by Corey Feldman.  I really think they could have found a better host than that.  Stay twisted everyone!

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