22 August 2013

Prom Night IV: Deliver Us From Evil (1992) - REVIEW

I realized today it's been a couple weeks since I have sat down and reviewed something.  So this is one that I recently watched, watched it with Part III as a double feature which is the only way to own the movie on DVD.  This installment goes away from the main storyline from the previous two with the ghostly Mary Lou Maloney.  This is a standalone in the series much like the original Prom Night is.  Is it really as good though?

 Back again at Hamilton High in the year 1957 two teenagers are in their car gettin it on.  When Father Jonas  (James Carver) from the local church slashes them with a crucifix that has a knife on the other end.  Fast forward to 30 years later and Father Jonas is locked in the dungeon of the church, chained up and heavily sedated.  Father Yeager (Kenneth McGregor) is up in years with failing health and it is time to teach his successor the secret about Father Jonas and how to care for him and keep the Devil from coming out again.  Soon he passes on and Father Colin (Brock Simpson) is left to care for Jonas.  He does not agree with the methods used to keep him sedated so he chooses to skip giving him the shot.  Father Jonas soon escapes to wreck havoc on unsuspecting teenagers that have sex on the brain.  Will someone stop him before it's too late?

I really do have mixed feelings about this movie.  In some ways I really like it but in others I really get fuckin bored with it.  When the action is happening the blood the suspense is all there, but it takes so damn long for the story to develop.  Way too damn long.  It has a young cast that really does a stellar job and a killer that is creepy as fuck but the killer is supposed to have aged 30 years and he barely looks 29.  They could have spent a little bit of money on some aging makeup for him and played it up or maybe just not have the opening scene take place in 1957.  Not that I can write a script any better but I can deal with the obvious.

I do think this is a good stand alone slasher just really needs to speed up the pace some.  I enjoy this one the least out of the Prom Night films.  It is more serious than the previous two sequels with no corny, cheesy humor at all.  That is not a bad thing but it would have really sped up the process.  I would rate this one 4 out of 10 stars.  Could have been alot better.  Stay Twisted everyone!

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