14 August 2013

Dr Giggles (1992) - REVIEW

In 1992 the slasher genre was just about dead, if not dead it was definitely on life support.  Because no one really wanted to see those type of horror movies anymore any of them that made it to the theater performed very poor.  There are a few slasher gems throughout the 90's but nothing like the slasher mayhem that the 80's brought us, well until Scream came out in the later 90's.

Evan Rendell (Larry Drake) who is nicknamed Dr Giggles has escaped a mental hospital after leaving a blood trail behind him.  He is off to the town of Moorehigh were he grew up.  His Father was a doctor and he started killing his patients to try and save his wife's heart.  The town killed his Father and now he wants revenge.  Meanwhile, at the local high school it is the last day of school and summer is just beginning.  Not such a happy day for Jennifer (Holly Marie Combs) who has an appt with a doctor to determine whether she needs heart surgery or not.  Jennifer's Mother died from a routine operation so this is a big deal for her.  This town won't be so happy in just a few hours.  A man who thinks he is a doctor is on his way to make their lives a living hell!

Dr Giggles was released into theaters and as my foreboding from above depicts it met with bad review and a not so great profit.  The cast was comprised of mainly little known actors and actresses who were young and at the beginning of their careers except for Larry Drake of course.  The story itself really was not that bad.  I actually like it and there are really not too many plot holes and there is a good amount of humor which I was not expecting when I first saw it as a kid.  Guess the title may have been a giveaway but when you are young stuff like that tends to go over your head.

I really enjoy Dr Giggles and do watch it on a regular basis, at least once a year.  The acting wasn't particularly great but there is alot of sillyness and it was one of the first appearances of Holly Marie Combs who went on to star in Charmed.  The blu ray of it is actually a great transfer.  You can pick it up pretty cheap on Amazon or your local store, probably around 7 bucks or so.  I would rate this 6 stars out of 10.  Stay twisted everyone!

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