01 March 2013

I Didn't Come Here to Die 2010 - REVIEW

Volunteer work can be a very rewarding task. You focus, work hard and it will usually pay off in the end whether it's that warm fuzzy feeling you get for doing something good or the high you get because you've finally completed the lame ass community service requirement (No, I'm not speaking from experience). Hell, I'd volunteer for work out in the woods just to get away!!

For six volunteers (Emmy Robbin, Indiana Adams, Kurt Cole, Madi Goff, Travis Scott Newman and Niko Red Star) on a humanitarian project in the woods, the warm fuzzies are the least of their worries. After one horrific accident after another, making it out of there alive becomes their only priority.

At first glance, one might think I Didn't Come Here to Die was your typical slasher flick where there is a group of people out in the woods being stalked by a serial killer but it's so NOT that. It's more of a glimpse into the psyche of the human brain and what happens to people when they're thrust into the most extreme situations.

Director Bradley Scott Sullivan knew exactly what he was looking for when he cast IDCHTD. Yes, it is the stereotypical horror movie cast but I have a feeling that was intentional on the part of Sullivan. BUT, that doesn't matter... what matters is, did they pull it off? The answer is a resounding YES! I would imagine it's hard to put your faith in the relatively "unknown" actor but in this case it paid off. The commitment level from this group is definitely admirable. Especially for a feature film shot in only 7 days. Each one of them took their role and elevated it above most of what you see from today's indie horror films. Of course no film is perfect but I really couldn't point out any particular performance that stood out as bad or lackluster. I enjoyed watching all of them equally.

The special makeup effects were done superbly (is that even a word?). Especially the chainsaw scene. There is enough gore to please fans of the genre without going overboard. If I have any complaints, it would have to be the night scenes. I don't know if they shot it day for night then ran it through a filter or used a special lens to give it that "night time" look but it was a bit distracting at times. However it doesn't take away from the film itself in any way. Ultimately IDCHTD isn't a perfect film but it is fun, full of wit and charm and a few twists and turns that while predictable, only enhance the end result. If you're a fan of indie films, I'd definitely recommend it.

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