08 March 2013

Death By VHS 2013 - REVIEW

Who here still has a VCR?  I actually do not, and as a matter of fact I gave all of my VHS tapes to my Mother.  Not that she is really going to watch them but it won't be clutter in my house anymore.  After watching the new trend in horror of posessed films, and or video tapes I am kind of glad I don't have mine anymore.  As for all this horror with vhs, STEP INTO THE NOW AND GET A DVD PLAYER!

A young couple Tommy (Brennen Benson) and Jamie (Kelsee Benson) rent a what turns out to be a cursed Video Cassette Recorder.  This film is 5 terrifying vignettes that will leave you speechless.  Play the video if you dare!

This movie was formally called Scream Machine and at the last minute the title was changed to Death By Video.  There was really not one thing about this movie that is worth bragging about.  The effects are terrible, totally looks fake.  I realize that not all indie movies are able to spend the money for good effects but they need to be a little bit more believable than this.  Another thing that really bothers me is how unoriginal the story is.  Just because you make your movie just a little bit different does not make you any less of a tool.  The fact that this movie ever got a distrubutor is beyond me.  I am now convinced I can take my camcorder and film a farting contest in an enclosed woodshed and would have more fun watching that than Death By VHS.

So you are going to notice my summary was rather short.  The reason for that is this movie is a total regergitation of movies that have already come out namely V/H/S.  I really do not think that this deserves a long synopsis.  Don't get me wrong I love anthology style horror movies, but I like good movies not complete shit!  Last year we had the movie V/H/S and quite frankly it was not very good, now it just gets worse.  The only movie that has been able to pull off anything close to this, although not an anthology film, is Sinister.  The whole found video footage and all, but at least that had a real killer and was a well written, scary movie.  I am a big fan of indie horror but be a little more original.  It's one thing to pay homage to the films of yesteryear, but I think we need to wait a little while to pay homage to the films of last year!  Stay twisted everyone


  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l4Uhh4xlAGo

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