12 March 2013

Deep Secrets, Shallow Graves With New Horror Picture "Animosity"

NEW YORK, NY – 11th MARCH 2013 – Director/Writer Brendan Steere (THE VELOCIPASTOR) and Executive Producer Roy Frumkes(STREET TRASH, DOCUMENT OF THE DEAD) present the horror-thriller feature film ANIMOSITY.

Watch the trailer here.

A newlywed couple moves into a house in the middle of the woods. Soon, they discover the forest surrounding the house is host to sinister supernatural powers that cause them to turn against each other.

ANIMOSITY was produced by Brandon Taylor (THE REMEMBRANCE) and Michael Allen. It is the first feature film lensed by cinematographer Jesse Gouldsbury. The film is edited by Steve Burgess and scored by composer Geoff Gesch. Tracy Willet (SNOW), Marcin Paluch (THE RETRIBUTION), Tom Martin (DOCTOR BELLO), Alyssa Kempenski (SADIE THE WEBSERIES)and Stephan Goldbach (SEE YOU NEXT TUESDAY) star.

Shot in the northeastern region in Pennsylvania, principle photography took place in August of 2012 and pickups ended in January of 2013.

Director Brendan Steere on Animosity: "I love movies with gobs of gore and blood, but this is just not that movie. I was thinking a lot about Ti West's films while making it. Argento's earlier giallo work. Alien and Rosemary's Baby – movies that creep and build. There's a palpable mystery and build that really I'm very happy with. I think we've really made something special, and I really hope the horror community responds to it."

ANIMOSITY is having its east coast screening at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, New York City between May 4th and 7th of 2013.

Stills, behind the scene photos and the poster are attached to this e-mail.

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