17 August 2012

Summer Issue Music Video from Girls and Corpses - PRESS RELEASE

NEW SUMMER ISSUE MUSIC VIDEO from Girls and Corpses and The Reach Around Rodeo Clowns! The Mile Die Club presents "It's a Good Day To Die": http://youtu.be/lGWhY9mvf0A

Also, check out Girls and Corpses summer issue here:http://girlsandcorpses.com/
And 2012 Calendar now on sale here here: http://girlsandcorpses.com/store/index.html
Lanark Records has been busy making new music with The Rockats, Robert Gordon, Nick Kane, the Lanark Kings, and the Reach Around Rodeo Clowns. They have just launch a new web site (www.lanarkrecords.net) that is filled with picture, videos, and news from these rocking artists

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