04 August 2012

Little Big Boy: The Death Stalker Murders 2011 - REVIEW

Horror and Comedy always go hand in hand.  Now we have a Horror Comedy that is also set up as a documentary.  We all remember Leslie Vernon and how good that movie was and I for one adored.  Not that much of a documentary type of person, but some can catch me off guard and surprise me.  It takes one hell of a movie to do that though.  Let's see what we have here with Little Big Boy.

Jimmy Duncan (Kim Sonderholm) is a Horror film director who is notorious for having a very hot temper and controversial movies.  Jimmy has had a very painful childhood having watched his Mother being murdered and this haunts him throughout the rest of his life adding fuel to the fire that is inside of him.  In the middle of a shoot when his leading lady walks out and he is now in a though situation and becomes uncontrollable to the point of insanity.  The story is told in the middle of many interviews of film makers, actors and actresses in the industry.  Most of which do not care for Jimmy at all.  The one that is most prominent is the always lovable Lloyd Kaufman.  Jam packed with comedy, action, horror and the history of a very demented man.

Little Big Boy has good aspects, but most of what I saw was not what I would say is a good movie.  Lets start with the acting: Absolutely terrible?  Most of it you cannot even consider acting a little more than half of the movie consists of interviews with mostly fictional directors, actors and actresses in the Horror business.  The scenes in the movie when acting was really involved lacked what you would call, um well, acting.  The first scene when we see the temper of Jimmy Duncan in the movie he runs at a cast member of the movie he is directing and he knees him in the gut.  However, he almost falls down after doing so and starts kicking this guy on the ground and the kicks aren't even realistic at all.  I'm really hoping that part was meant more for comedy than a serious scene because I laughed my ass off.  Whether it was meant for fun or an actual Horror it's still pretty bad. 

I am not giving the Direction of the movie a gold star either.  Because the interviews get really, really, really fuckin boring it really brings down the movie.  I understand it's in the form of a documentary but a real documentary you watch because you enjoy the subject matter.  A fictional documentary you don't know what your getting into when you turn it on and there has to be something that keeps you watching the movie.  If I was not doing a review on this movie I would have turned it off 20 minutes into it.  Now, I did say that the film had good aspects.  Really its only one, the one thing I like about the movie and that's the actual story.  The story itself is really creepy and what you would expect a good Horror movie to be.  However, the delivery from paper to the big screen seems to have lacked alot.  Personally I think this would have worked better if it was not set up as a documentary.  Out of 5 stars I would give it 2 and a half.  Really only because I like the actual storyline so much.  Stay twisted everyone!

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