22 August 2012

Blood Brothers 2012 - REVIEW

I have had the pleasure of watching the latest installment in Horror by Slasher Studios.  Taking Horror into a new direction, away from the slasher genre and more in the suspense department.  The kind of suspense that The Last House on the Left and The Strangers were full of.  All packed into a straight to the point nail biter.

Coming home from their 5th anniversary Michael (Mike Goltz) and Lindsay (Hannah Hitzman) find that their front door is open and it appears someone has broken into their home.  Michael sends Lindsay across the street to a neighbors to call the police while he goes inside to investigate.  Walking through the house all seems to be in order till he is knocked out from behind only to wake up tied to a chair with his brother Chris (Matty Dorschner).  Is his brother going to kill him?  Over What?

This is not a very long film lasting only 10 minutes tops (maybe shorter).  Just goes to show you do not need alot of time to make your point.  The writing and the direction in this short is brilliant.  There really is not a dull moment and is loaded with good effects and plenty of blood.  The most impressive part about the effects of the film is the soundtrack.  The soundtrack was done by one of the film's stars Matty Dorschner.  An important part of independant Horror is that everything sounds good there are good sound effects and the music fits the tone of the film.  In this case Matty nailed it right on the head, no pun intended.  Blood Brothers leaves you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end.

Another well written short film from Slasher Studios.  I really wish the film could have been a longer but when your watching something good you really never want it to end.  Mike Goltz has seem to become a staple in all 3 of the Slasher Studio films and is getting better and better with each film he plays in.  Deviating from the slasher formula that made them famous with Teddy and Popularity Killer.  I love it!  I'm a big fan of suspense and something that keeps you wondering what is going to happen next.  I know this was just released but I am ready to see this as a feature film.  Stay twisted everyone!

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