01 March 2015

Fear Clinic 2014 - REVIEW

Fear Clinic is based off the web series that was on FearNet but I never got FearNet so I kind of went into this one blind.  The only thing I knew is it had to do with dreams and Robert Englund was in it.  Hmmmm, sounds awfully familiar.  Having not even read much about this I really didn't even know what this was about before I watched it.  If anything I thought the pretty star studded cast would round out everything.

Dr Andover (Robert Englund) runs a fear clinic where he looks to help people with their phobias.  The patients go inside the invention he has created where they face their fears and he is with them every step of the way.  Till one day something goes horribly wrong and his patient never wakes up and eventually dies.  Dr Andover puts up his machine and shuts down the Fear Clinic.  Till Sara (Fiona Douriff) goes back for his help.  Little does Dr Andover know but the Fear Clinic is about to open for business again.

I am really glad I only paid $9.99 for the blu ray of this.  I didn't totally hate this movie but I really couldn't get into it.  I think the story was written well enough but it really drags and goes way too long without anything happening.  Honestly the only thing this movie really had going for it was Robert Englund.  I thought the rest of the cast wasn't too bad either but if it wasn't for him I probably would not have even blind bought this movie.  I do have to say that Corey Taylor should stick to singing because he is a really bad actor.

I really wanted to love this movie but it just wasn't in the cards this time.  I may try giving it another shot and see if I like it more but as it stands now a big thumbs down is in order.  Fear Clinic will find a target audience and there are some people that are going to dig it but not me.  I would rate this one 4 out of 10 stars.  Stay twisted everyone!

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