10 March 2015

Cut Throat, Riot in a Women's Prison and The Vault Now Streaming on FullMoonStreaming.com

This week is the FullMoonStreaming premiere of Cut Throat. A group of young Hollywood filmmakers get their big break when a major movie studio executive offers them the studio's lot to make their low-budget horror film. However, they run out of money before the movie is finished and things begin to go desperately wrong when someone starts killing the crew and cast.

Also premiering this week is 1974's Riot in a Women's Prison. Gorgeous French tourist Martine gets arrested while on vacation in Italy. After being found guilty of a trumped-up drug possession charge, Martine finds herself incarcerated at a hellish women's penitentiary. To make matters worse, a riot breaks out.

From The Vault, you can catch Volume 5 of our behind the scenes footage from Ooga Booa. Check out this raw, unedited peek into the making of a Full Moon Feature. Plus, the little guy recently made a cameo in Evil Bong 420!

Finally, we debut the optional audio commentary version of Witchouse II: Blood Coven! Four unmarked graves are discovered a rural area that may be related to stories of Lilith, a witch burned in the area hundreds of years earlier. It appears Lilith may be returning to take her revenge. Filmed on location in Transylvania.

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