14 February 2015

Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort 2014 - REVIEW

I am a pretty decent fan of the original Wrong Turn movie.  It had a good plot and a good cast to support it.  I declined to see any of the sequels up to part 6 but for some reason this one intrigued me.  It may have been because of all the controversy surrounding the movie once it was released or maybe I just thought this is part 6, if they keep making them it can't be all that bad.  Since it's release last November it has been pulled from the shelves due to using a picture of a real missing woman who turned up dead.  Not a really smart move if you ask me.  I was able to snag a copy a couple weeks ago and am finally sitting down to watch this.  Hope I am pleasantly surprised!

Danny (Anthony Ilott) and his friends make a trip for the weekend to check out the spa resort that Danny has inherited.  Danny doesn't know much about his family but he is about to find out.  The resort is looked after by brother and sister Jackson (Chris Jarvis) and Sally (Sadie Katz).  The group is in for a weekend they are never going to forget.

Let's see here where do I start on this enormous pile of shit.  First I am going to start with the fact that the production team can't tell the difference between part VI and part 6.  My blu ray case clearly states 6 but the title screen at the beginning of the film and the end says VI.  What the fuck man!! I suggest before putting a movie out you decide what the fucking title is, dumbshits.

The acting in this movie is nothing special.  I really didn't think it was terrible but it is definitely shotty.  Actually noone is really worth mentioning as a standout performance here.  To hide the fact that the story kind of sucked and the acting was subpar they just had alot of people fucking throughout the movie.  Trust me, I am all in for some T and A but it has to be done tastefully and it was a bit overdone here.

The last thing that really bothered me here were the 3 inbred killers in the woods.  Their makeup for their deranged faces are just aweful.  On one of them you can actually see his real skin around his eyes and looks fake and just bad.  I know these actors aren't really mangled like the characters but at t least make it look believable.

Well as you can tell this one is not going to get a very high mark.  I would rate this one 3 out of 10 stars and I think I'm being very generous here.  As always, stay twisted everyone!

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