03 August 2014

Top 5 Horror Films of 1985

We continue with our list of the top horror films of 1985.  Before I sat down and wrote this I was thinking what movies I would include and did not think I could fill 5 slots.  I am able to do that but 1985 wasn't a great year for horror.  While there were some standout films there was nothing huge like in the early 80s.  The slasher craze was fizzling out and one horror franchise was taking a dangerous turn that would be a success or total failure.

This film is really a goofy zombie flick but it is one hell of a fun film.  It has a great cast including James Karen, Clu Gulager, Thom Matthews and Linnea Quigley. With a cast like that how could you not love it ?

This installment of Friday often splits the fans right down the middle.  I have heard people say it was the worst and people say it was the best.  I don't think it is either best or worst but I do love this film.  It's true that Jason really isn't Jason and the cast isn't as likable as other installments but still a good slasher.

I actually did not see Fright Night till probably 2 years ago after I heard what a great film it was.  I have to agree it really is a great film.  A fun cast and Chris Sarandon plays an excellent vampire.

The first horror convention I ever went to was a Re-Animator reunion and I had never seen the movie before so I really wasn't interested in it.  A few weeks later I purchased the film and gave it a watch and it quickly became one of my frequent watches.  Unlike an zombie flick you have ever seen.

This is another one that has fans of a franchise split down the middle.  I think this movie was great.  It is not my favorite in the series but it really is a fun movie.  This was before Freddy talked alot, and had funny taglines.  Freddy was just creepy as fuck and loved to terrorize people.  Also look at the artwork for this cover.  What happened to movie poster artwork like this?

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  1. Absolutely fantastic 5 horrors. Can't decide which is my favourite :/