07 July 2014

Shiver 2012 - REVEW

Recently I saw a preview for a movie called Shiver before I watched Camp Dread.  It looked interesting to say the least.  A couple horror veterans in the cast and what seemed to be a pretty solid story to boot.  The only thing i feared before watching was the boast of big stars in an indie movie meant they would make a brief cameo appearance and to try and trick the buying public that their favorite stars are the main stars of the film.  I rant about this a bit because it pisses me off but the stars listed on the box are actually the stars in this Indie horror film.

Wendy Alden (Danielle Harris) works her meaningless assistant job behind a desk everyday and can't bring herself to ask for a promotion and a raise.  Always coming up short on money she constantly has to borrow money from her bully of a Mother (Valerie Harper).  Wendy has no self confidence what so ever and this leaves her easy prey for a serial Killer on the loose, Franklin Rood (John Jarrat).  Franklin terrorizing the women he chooses for his killings and making them seem worthless before he mutilates them.  Will Wendy find the strength in herself to escape her killers grasp?

Regardless of the cast in this film, which i loved, I really did not hold high expectations for this movie and really only took a chance on it because it was super cheap on DVD.  I was pleasantly surprised with this film and the thing that most attracted me to it, the cast, was awesome.  One of Danielle's best performances in my opinion.  She really nails it.  Especially with a role you don't generally see Danielle in.

There are quite a few Wolf Creek fans out there that love John Jarrat, I am not one of them.  I absolutely hated Wolf Creek and thought it was boring as shit.  Having said that  I loved the performance of John Jarrat in this film as the killer.  He plays this part perfectly and a big 2 thumbs up for him.  The other notable in this one was Rae Dawn Chong.  She does not have a huge role but a good supporting one.  I have not seen her in a movie or TV for a long time it was nice to see her in this Indie film.  It doesn't look like she has aged a bit either.

I really enjoyed this movie from start to finish.  It keeps the audience involved throughout the whole movie with rarely a dull moment.  I recommend picking this one up.  I found it on Amazon.com for merely $6.99 and is well worth it.  I would rate this one 7 out of 10 stars.  As always stay twisted everyone!

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