22 July 2014

All Cheerleaders Die 2013 - REVIEW

All Cheerleaders Die was just released today  on DVD and Blu Ray but this has been available for viewing on streaming services for the past couple weeks.  I have heard some buzz about this one over the past month and couldn't wait to check it out.  It wasn't until I did a little research on it that I read that this is a remake of the 2001 movie titled All Cheerleaders Die.  I had no idea that this was a remake.  The most strange part about it too is that the people who remade it are the same who made the original.  How often does that happen??

Maddy (Caitlin Stasey) is devastated by the death of the head cheerleader die right in front of her while she was filming.  She wants to be the one to fill the spot on the cheer leading team and is not accepted at first but that changes quickly.  Maddy has fit in quite nicely and it is just a couple days before their senior year starts.  This is going to be one year none of them will soon forget!!

I realize I left my synopsis to your imagination.  I was so surprised by how this movie turned out I thought I would leave anyone who reads this review feeling a little of the same way.  By just the title of the film I knew this was going to fun but it really was a lot more fun than I anticipated.  It is tagged as a horror comedy and while it does have a few laughs here and there I did not think it was enough to added comedy to the genre.  That is just my opinion though.  

What I liked most about  this film is the story.  I haven't seen the original but I can say that this one is original, well original as you can get in Hollywood anymore.  The cast was comprised of all young actors and actresses and I really thought they all did a good job.  The lead Caitlin Stasey really stood out and if I hadn't read it on IMDB I would have never guessed she was from Australia.  Hides that accent well.  

I really did love this movie.  There isn't anything bad I really can say about it.  Never a dull moment and there wasn't anytime I got bored with it at all.  That is always a good thing.  I would rate this 6 out of 10 stars.  Definitely one you want to put on your watch list.  Stay twisted everyone!

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