15 December 2013

The Horror Show (1989) - REVIEW

The Horror Show is an almost forgotten slasher movie from the end of the 80's era.  I say forgotten because it hasn't been available to purchase in so long in the US.  When it was released overseas it was titled House III which led people to believe it was the third of the House movies but it really wasn't.  Bearing no similarities to the previous 2 installments so if that is what you are looking for you are not going to find it.

Detective Lucas McCarthy (Lance Henriksen) is hot on the pursuit of the serial killer named Meat Cleaver Max (Brion James).  Before he finally apprehends him he loses his partner, and watches a little girl murdered by the hands of Max.  Max is put to death by electrocution but does not go easily.  Now that he is dead all Lucas is haunted by the nightmares that ensue and the fact that Max is still out to get him and his family even after his death.  Max's murderous rampage has not stopped and Lucas is the main target.  Lucas slowly starts to lose it seeing the killer everywhere he goes.  He somehow needs to find a way to stop this before he loses his family to a madman!

There are two other movies from the same time period that are very very similar to this movie.  Those being The First Power, and Shocker.  So I really can't say the story is really original.  The plots are almost identical in all three with a killer being put to death and somehow coming back to kill again.  It's not so say I didn't like the movie though.  What really saves this one and puts it apart from the others is the cast.  Lance Henriksen is stellar as always and Brion James plays one of the best portrayals of a killer I have seen.  Brion James is so creepy, intimidating and just downright fuckin evil.

I had never seen this and ordered the Blu Ray that Scream Factory just released.  I can't say it was a pleasant surprise or anything like that but it was not a bad flick.  I can say I enjoyed watching it but I was really wishing the story was a little more original.  Probably not a movie I can watch over and over again but I'm sure it is something I can pop in every now and again.  Mainly for the performance from Brion James he really does make this movie more enjoyable if you are in the mood for a good old fashion horror film.  I would rate this 5 out of 10 stars.  As always, stay twisted everyone!

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